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मोहब्बत की दुकान

मोहब्बत की दुकान ? दुकान अगर हुई तो सौदे की रेट लिस्ट भी होगी। रेट लिस्ट है तो प्रॉफिट का हिसाब भी होगा। जो मोहब्बत में भी प्रॉफिट निकाल ले उसे इश्क़ की इल्लत पालने की बजाय परचून का धंधा खोल लेना चाहिए।

चर्चित व्यंग्यकार-पत्रकार यशवंत व्यास की लिखी

जुमलों के दौर की जानलेवा कहानियां ​ !

You say #Mohabbat_Ki_Dukaan. 'Dukaan' means shop, and where there's a shop, there must be a rate list. And where there's a rate list, there should be an accounting of profit and loss. One who counts profit and loss even in divine love should leave aside love and run his grocery shop somewhere else," quipped Vyas.

#Mohabbat_Ki_Dukaan by Yashwant Vyas offers a gripping collection of #Jumla_Stories of our times, infused with multilayered humor and satire. In a world where slogans dominate public discourse, everything seems to be a jumla. Ever wondered what would happen if characters from eternal love stories met a political consultant? The result is #TheJumlaCompany, where love and politics collide in unexpected ways. The consultancy goes to the extent that you find Sohni-Mahiwal, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Sheerin-Farhad, Romeo-Juliet, Dhola-Maru, and Moomal-Mahendra - everyone caught in the spell. The chameleon is used by the author-craftsman as a powerful symbol at the climax.


Fresh, modern, and contemporary, #Mohabbat_Ki_Dukaan is a must-read to explore the real business of Love and Politics.

#MKD (#Mohabbat_Ki_Dukaan) expands the horizons of #KKMK (#Kavi_Ki_Manohar_Kahaniyan), which has had three print editions sold out. The KKMK Podcast has also been a big hit among satire lovers. Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan are the SINFUL STORIES of the 'SUPREME SAINT' POET whose crimes are 'un-poetically' poetic. Written in short, free-verse format by the eminent author-journalist Yashwant Vyas, 49 episodes have been recorded in the voices of prominent artists of our time including filmmaker Vijay Krishna Acharya, actors Vijay Kashyap and Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, director-actress Seema Pahwa, actors Rajendra Gupta and Varun Badola, and theater personality Abhishek Pandey.

KKMK (#Kavi_Ki_Manohar_Kahaniyan) by Yashwant Vyas is marked by three stamps - UNPARALLELED SATIRE, MASTERFUL STORYTELLING, and SUPERBLY SUCCINCT. #MKD (#Mohabbat_Ki_Dukaan) takes a step further in its craft of satirical fiction.

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