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Book Shelf

Book Shelf

The Khataakk community promotes creativity in both print and digital mediums. Here are some of our latest works showcased as representative samples. You can find all our works available at and other online platforms.


Pranay Ka Nikash
aur Anya Kavitayen 

Young Poet Kishan Pranay's Impression emerges as a reflective autobiographical poetic creation woven around the images and symbols of physical constellations, principles, and concepts. Here, conveying the message of love, the poet also presents himself under the pseudonym. Additionally, the poet's other poems explore the quest for a new language, thus establishing his unique identity.

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Barf Ke Neeche
Bahati Nadi

Khataakk Poetry Series presents " Barf Ke Neechey Bahati Nadi " . Ashok Bindal translates Marathi Four-liners by Chandra Shekhar Gokhale in HINDI. Chandra Shekhar Gokhale is famous for his Marathi poetry form " Charoli".

The book is presented in special small size . It has foreward from Writer-Director Gulzar. Gokhale is prominent Marathi Poet. Ashok Bindal is awarded translator .


TORN : A Patchwork of Moonlit Emotions

 Poonam Chawla Sood's latest is an exquisite collection of poetry that ventures deep into the complex tapestry of human emotions, weaving a narrative that is both confessional and observant. The title itself, “Torn,” serves as an apt introduction, reflecting the ephemeral yet stark nature of life’s conditions. Each poem, a thread in this intricate tapestry, skillfully stitches together the fabric of wisdom, love, care, strength, and mettle

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