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Gulliver's Travels l Classic Full Movie (1939) l Animation Film I Directed by Dave Fleischer

“A pleasant and diverting animated picture-book, drawn in the brightest Technicolor.”

– The New York Times

Gulliver's Travels is a 1939 American cel-animated Technicolor musical feature film produced by Max Fleischer and directed by Dave Fleischer for Fleischer Studios.Story is a very loose adaptation of Jonathan Swift's 1726 novel of the same name. The film was the Fleischer Studios' first feature-length animated film, as well as the second animated feature film produced by an American studio after Walt Disney Productions' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Directed by Dave Fleischer

Animation directors : Seymour Kneitel, Willard Bowsky, Tom Palmer, Grim Natwick, William Henning, Roland Crandall, Thomas Johnson, Robert Leffingwell , Frank Kelling, Winfield Hoskins, Orestes Calpini

Source : Public Domain Open Source

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