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Charlie Chaplin I A Night in the Show I Classic Full Movie(1915)

A Night in the Show (1915) was Charlie Chaplin's 12th film for Essanay. Chaplin played two roles: one as Mr. Pest and one as Mr. Rowdy. The film was created from Chaplin's stage work from a play called Mumming Birds (a.k.a. A Night at an English Music Hall in the United States) with the Karno Company from London. Chaplin performed this play during his U.S. tours with Fred Karno company and decided to bring some of this play to his film work.

Written and Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Produced by Jess Robbins

Starring : Charles Chaplin, Charlotte Mineau, Dee Lampton, Edna Purviance, Leo White

Source : Wiki/ Open Source /Public Domain

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