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Akira Kurosawa Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers नए फिल्मकारों को अकीरा कुरोसावा की सलाह

Regarded as one of the most important and influential film-makers in the history of cinema , Akira Kurosawa conversing with Nagisa Ôshima in My Life in Cinema. This is #Khataakk community sharing under MASTERS SPEAK segment. Thanks to khataakk friends for this clipping, Copyright remains with originals. #OPEN_CULTURE writes- My Life In Cinema, a 2h conversation with Kurosawa in 1993, when the master was 83, is available thanks to Camera Obscura, with English subtitles. AKIRA KUROSAWA ( Japan, 1910-1998) : Rashomon, Hakuchi , Ikiru and Seven Samurai are some movies from his rich list of creations. #AkiraKurosawa #KhataakkMastersSpeak #Khataakk #AdvicetoFilmmakers #ClassicMovies

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