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1899 Panorama of Calcutta बनारस के घाट का दुर्लभ शूट, मगर नाम कलकत्ता 1899

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1899 में बनारस के घाट का दुर्लभ शूट, मगर नाम कलकत्ता 1899 .

This is one of the earliest films to be shot in India - it was filmed in 1899.

The film apparently shows the Kolkata (Calcutta) ghats as seen from the perspective of a boat travelling along the Hooghly river, a tributary of the Ganges.

However, although the film's title states that this is Calcutta, the footage was in fact shot in the holy city of Varanasi (also on the Ganges). The filmmaker from the Warwick Trading Company clearly had a short memory or a limited sense of geography. (Robin Baker)

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